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EXIT Consultancy Services

Fusing Your Business & Exit Strategy 

Fusion Consulting works in partnership with the highly experienced Fusion M&A team at Fusion Corporate Partners. 

The combination approach ensures that your company’s strategic development aligns with the right advice and planning to ensure a successful and full value exit AND at any time during the business life cycle.

About Fusion Consulting

Fusion Consulting works together with the UK and international media, b2b and b2c events, digital, business intelligence, data and information service sectors.


Our expertise is centred around critical strategy, scale-up, value-creation and exit planning prior to any sale. 

Why do we take this approach? Quite simply because sale value will be impacted by decisions made by you from your business launch.

How saleable is your business?

For the seller, an exit strategy should be planned over a number of years, to help maximise exit values and to be prepared for the unexpected.

There are always unpredictable personal and market nuances that can affect the timing of a sale – so there is a need to be prepared at all times. Experienced buyers plan and operate an acquisition strategy that can make a premature sale advantageous to the seller.


The best deals accelerate the business through to the next stage in its development whilst an earnout offers the seller a financial reward for its duration.

To maximise exit values, you will need to have your company professionally organised to convince the buyer that a smooth transition will occur.

It is therefore critical to be ‘saleable’ even if you are not looking to exit.

Along with our annual Exit Strategy Review (ESR) and regular business strategy reviews (BSR), we report back any relevant M&A activity by keeping a close eye on the sector and utilizing our ongoing market interaction and research that we carry out for our M&A news service – you can find our content hub at:

With our up-to-the minute activity in the market, we will provide feedback on competitive M&A activity and market valuations, plus insights into recent deals.


Fusion Consulting Objectives

Fusion Consulting provide pre-sale strategic support to maximise our clients’ potential exit values throughout the company lifecycle.

To achieve this we work closely with owners, ideally up to 18-36 months in advance of any planned sale. Past experience indicates this improves the likelihood of a successful sale for higher values.

Importantly it ensures we have a continuous connection with the client leading up to the sale (365 touch points), it is a virtuous circle of close engagement and we can ensure we iteratively improve business performance and end results.

2 in 1 Strategy Review

Normally Fusion’s M&A audit of your business occurs at the start of the sale process. With Fusion Consulting, you get a business strategy review (BSR) and an exit strategy review (ESR) at the same time.


We audit and make recommendations from the commencement of the service, allowing you to implement any recommendations in advance of the sale.

Business Strategy Review (BSR)

This review and audit includes:

Business plan: strategy & tactics​

Financial: profitability & revenues, p&l, balance sheet, forecasts, accounting principles, management accounts

Revenues: type/mix, pricing Models, attractiveness

Costs: COS, overheads

Products & Services & Sectors

Data: proprietary & 3rd party – compliance and GDPR

R&D: product development, greenfield activity

Growth and scale opportunities – geo coverage

Personnel - resource, talent & retention

Personnel - company & management structure

Training & development – leadership coaching requirements

SWOT analysis - competition

Brand & messaging

Customers – renewable business strategy – Top 100 clients spending pattern - AOV

Sales & marketing: advertisers, audience, competitors, market dynamics

Sales process and sales/marketing assets

Technology – mar tech 

IP/Proprietary technology

Legal: IP, contracts, company, shareholders agreement



Exit Strategy Review (ESR)

This is encapsulated in our M&A Tracker product. Essentially, it uses the information gleaned in the BSR but from an M&A perspective.

What People Are Saying

Fusion's team of representatives was professional from the outset, quickly understanding the buyer market landscape and picking up on the key selling points of my company, along with any sensitivities of the potential sale. Throughout the process, Fusion represented the business in a thoroughly professional manner, listening to any concerns we presented and making valuable suggestions to help move the sales process forward as smoothly as possible.

Fusion were always available to advise, particularly during the most pressured moments, providing practical support where necessary to keep the sales process on track.

I can highly recommend Fusion. Selling a business is a stressful process and it's a real advantage to have the support of an experienced team on your side.

Consulting Director

Innovator Events Management Ltd

Thanks for everything. We know we pulled off an audacious deal today. It has been an incredible journey over the last year, with you as the guide. Your wisdom and experience and negotiation skill made all the difference.



This is just a brief note to thank and commend you for your professional advice during the sale of Carbon Clear Ltd.


As Chairman I was seeking an advisor who would be knowledgeable and insightful, and who would build effective relationships with both our Board and the acquiring company.


You provided all this and were extremely supportive without ever being overbearing. You fitted in extremely well, worked effectively with all parties and, most important of all, assisted in achieving a transaction which met everyone's expectations.

Carbon Clear


You held our hands through each step of the process; the gathering of offers, the letter of intent, the negotiation of terms and the construction and completion of the contract process. You also made good suggestions when it came to finding experts to cover the various legal and financial requirements. Above all, you were contactable and communicated well throughout the process. Looking back I can honestly say that the share sale process would have been impossibly daunting without your help.



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